Axys Technologies Inc.

Address: 2045 Mills Rd
Sidney, BC V8L 5X2

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 2219
Sidney, BC V8L 3S8

Phone: (250) 655-5850

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Axys Technologies Inc.

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is a Canadian company that designs, manufactures, deploys and services remote environmental monitoring equipment. Marine products include moored buoys for routine weather, wave and sea state forecasting, as well as specialized buoys for research and development of new sensors, power supplies, and other buoy components.
Coupled with AXYS, Environment Canada built the second largest operational meteorological buoy network in the world.
AXYS also offers products and solutions for land-based weather monitoring applications with their airport, roadway and hydrological monitoring systems plus a unique water quality monitoring instrument, Infiltrex.
The latest data collection platform developed by AXYS is the Watchman500 data acquisition system and is available for sale as a custom data collection and control module. Each module accepts up to 16 analog, 8 digital I/O and 5 independently configurable communications ports.
Additionally, AXYS has a full service oceanographic department for biological, meteorological and physical oceanography. This is supported by our full range of oceanographic lease equipment.

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Harry Weiler
Title: President
Telephone: (250) 655-5850
Fax: (250) 655-5856

Jane Holding
Title: Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Telephone: (250) 656-5850
Fax: (250) 655-5856
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Metorological & Oceanographic Buoys, Wave Measurement Buoys, Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Land Based Weather Monitoring
Custom and off-the-shelf solutions include roadway, shipping ports, airstrips and agricultural condition monitoring.Based on our core Watchman500 technology, AXYS can monitor a variety of real-time, remote industrial or environmental applications. Monitoring parameters include weather, air quality, and ground-based environmental or pollution sensing.