M & H Machinery Ltd.

45790 Airport Rd., Chilliwack, BC

Cedar Shake Bandsaws, Cedar Shake Cubers Metal Fabrication Machining & Welding Repairs

Mec Systems Inc.

8409 Lockheed Pl., Chilliwack, BC

MEC is a leader in the development of effective misting systems for cooling, humidifying, dust and odour control. MEC is dedicated to the development and advancement of misting technology and applications. MEC specializes in this field and manufactures ...

Medinorm Ergonomic Kitchens

48525 Yale Rd. E., Chilliwack, BC

Medinorm Ergonomic Kitchens. Most work in the house is done standing; and on an average 3.5 hours per day are spent in the kitchen alone. What about those who have to perform their tasks sitting down on a chair or in a wheelchair? Whit all ...

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

1-8155 Aitken Rd., Chilliwack, BC

Manufacturing of light aircraft kits, wheels & brakes. Owns it's own lathe & CNC Machinery

Mussell Crane Manufacturing

620B Wellington Ave., Chilliwack, BC

Mussell Crane Mfg. specializes in the design, fabrication, installation and service of overhead bridge cranes, gantry crane, jib cranes, monorails & custom material handling equipment.

Muxlow Sports Products Inc.

43386 Adams Rd., Chilliwack, BC